Flash Mob on the National Day


Over the National Day holiday, people were impressed by a flash mob organized by Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation and staged on the campus of Nanjing University, where more than 3,000 teachers and students of the university together with model workers from all walks of life sang the song My Motherland to express their wish for the prosperity of the motherland.

That was the melody that strikes the chord, that was the voice that is full of passion, and that is the common voice of the Chinese people who have experienced numerous tests such as the pandemic and the flood.

The flash mob attracted pedestrians, teachers and students to stop by. Touched, everyone on spot couldn't help but sing along with the tune, feel the immense changes over the past 71 years, express the pride of love for home and for the country, and sing out the manifesto of the times of China on the new journey.

On the evening of October 5, the video of this flash mob was broadcast on CCTV News. Later on, it was also broadcast on such major media platforms as CCTV, Leading Nation of Study, and Lychee News.

The School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing University had an important role in this activity. Many of its students and teachers participated in it to demonstrate their patriotic enthusiasm and youthfulness as NJUs journalists.

This is the first time I so closely saw these academicians who have done their best for the country, said Kuang Hui, a graduate student in communication studies of 2019, and I can see from them the most resolute sentiment to construct our motherland. This is my heroic motherland, A place where I grow up, these lyrics aroused my strong feelings, making me feel honored and proud to offer my blessings to the motherland in this way and witness the beautiful chapter in the new era.

The activity is very meaningful because, as explained Chen Yuhang, an undergraduate student in Radio and Television Studies of 2019, it celebrates the birthday of the motherland and demonstrates the splendor of teachers and students of Nanjing University. The atmosphere was very warm, and the chorus was very inspiring. Especially when I thought of the difficulties we have overcome since the beginning of this year, a sense of pride rose in my heart.

In this activity, as a student of Radio and Television Studies, said Ding Yuting, an undergraduate of 2019, I felt different when I met the presence of the seniors who were already working: I admired them and also imagined some of my future life by looking at them. When we all sang together in the chorus, we could clearly experience everyones feeling of unity and solidarity.

For Pan Jianjian, a masters student in journalism and communication, the greatest feeling of participating in the CCTV flash mob is pride.

At a time when COVID-19 is raging across the world and many countries are in the deep mire, China stands alone, not only having put the pandemic under control, but also steadily advancing vaccine research and developing science and technology so that people are happy and peaceful. The ancient Chinese civilization glows with new vitality, and the 5,000-year history shows a different kind of resilience. 

He also sincerely wishes the motherland better and better, and as a student of Nanjing University, he hoped to grow and forge forward together with motherland.