Speach on Fighting COVID-19 in Hubei


Sacrificing the Self and Respecting Science; Recollection and Reflection on Jiangsus Participation in Fighting COVID-19 in Hubei. This was title of the fourth lecture of the national education course on the evening of November 6, an event co-organized by the Information Office of Jiangsu Provincial CPCs Publicity Department and the School of Journalism and Communication of Nanjing University.

It was held in Zijin Lecture Hall on Xianlin Campus.

Professor Lu Xiang, a vice president of Nanjing Medical University, president of affiliated Yifu Hospital, a deputy general director of Jiangsu Provinces Forward Command for Epidemic Prevention and Control in Hubei, and a leader of Jiangsus medical team in Huangshi, Hubei.

Nearly 200 students from the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the School of Business and other schools attended the lecture.

The School of Journalism and Communication was the largest group in the audience since it included all its student Party members and activists applying for the Party membership.

Lu reviewed the course of the anti-epidemic combat from the initial difficulties, to mid-term stability and to decisive victory at a later stage.

On January 20, the National Health Commission set up a leading group to guide the work in response to COVID-19. Health departments of various places carried on their responsibilities, took effective measures, and implemented various tasks of COVID-19 prevention and control.

Under the deployment of the CPC Central Committee, Jiangsu Province dispatched a medical team to Huangshi, Hubei.

The province quickly responded to the call, set up a medical team, and several batches of medical personnel were sent there. The fact that Jiangsu province spared no efforts to combat the epidemic shoulder to shoulder reflects the accountability and efficiency of the great Jiangsu province.The main work of the medical staff was medical treatment, epidemic prevention and control, nucleic acid testing, and virus disinfection, said Lu, who called this a battle with the COVID-19 and a race against time.

In the process, the medical team keeps on guard, taking multiple measures to fight against the epidemic in the forefront against time. Through the joint efforts of Jiangsu and Huangshi, the epidemic in the Huangshi area was effectively put under control, and the combat achieved remarkable results.

On the way back to Jiangsu from Hubei, the local people warmly sent them off and expressed their sincere gratitude to all the medical staff for their dedication and commitment. At that time, the medical workers on the bus were so touched that they all had tears in eyes.

In this national education class, the students were touched by the firm determination of Jiangsus medical team to assist Hubei, the same spirit of the verse I shall not return until I have captured Loulan, and were touched by the kindness of the medical workers who had great love and spirit of dedication.

Besides, they deeply appreciated the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the advantage of the system of ensuring a coordinated national response. 

The great spirit of fighting the epidemic, that is putting peoples lives first, nationwide solidarity, sacrifice, respecting science and a sense of mission for humanity, left a deep impression on students minds.