Associate Professor

Research Focus

Bian Donglei

History of Journalism and Communication Thoughts, Newspapers and Nation-states,  New Media and Interpersonal Relations.

Hu Hanhan

Media Law, Media Ethics, Advertising,  Applied Communications.

Li Ming

Research Methods, Environmental Communication, Political Communication, Media and Memory.

Li Xiaoyu

History of Image, Visual Culture, History of  Art.

Lin Wei

Journalism and Communication History and Theories,  Media Culture.

Liu Yuan

Photography in Journalism.

Cheng-Jun Wang

Computational Communication, Information Diffusion, Public Opinion, Data Mining.

Wang Hui

TV News Reporting, Documentary, Video Narration.

Wang Lei

New Media Communication, Media Culture, Media and Gender Studies, Youth Subculture.

Wen Nainan

Environmental Communication, Health Communication, New Media, Media Effects..

Xia Wenrong

Media Studies, Audience and Advertising Studies

Yuan Guangfeng 

Emotion and Public Life, Political Communication, Media Sociology..

Zhuang Yongzhi

News Production, Video News Production, Non-fiction Writing.

Zhu Jiangli

Media Economy and Management,  Creative Industry Economics.

Ke-ke Shang

Complex Systems, Complex Network, Link Prediction and Computational Modelling.

Wang Jiapeng

History of Communication Thought, Sociology of Communication, Media Culture.